Is our technology ready for a mission to Mars? What are the « unknowns » we have to solve before a mission to Mars is possible? What about the psychological aspects of a Mars mission? Dirk Frimout, the first Belgian who has seen planet Earth from outer space, will bring us up to date on the next frontier in space exploration.

Exploration is a property of humanity and will always be. After 61 years of space travel around the earth and flights to the moon, is it now time for a mission to the next tangible frontier: the planets Mars.

A Mars mission is very big challenge. For NASA a manned mission to Mars has become its highest priority project. The dimension of such a project is so big that international cooperation will be necessary. NASA is proposing a mission in three steps: First, using the ISS to develop the required technologies. Second a long duration project near the moon and the third step will be the exploration around Mars, ending with a human landing on the red planet.

A mission to Mars is so complex that it will be the beginning of a new era of space travel.

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Entrance to the event is free and it is held in English. Doors open at 19:30.

Dirk Frimout

Astrophysicist for the European Space Agency. He flew aboard the NASA Space shuttle mission STS-45 making him the first Belgian in space. He was made a Grand Officier de l’Ordre de léopold and received the title of Viscount. Besides that he is the subject matter of a famous Belgium pop song, but it’s better not to remind him of that dubious honour. Website

Pas ce soir chéri

Not Tonight Honey! This brass band will make you move. They are composed of twenty ladies and set fire to every place they go with their adaptation of pop hits and techno classics. When you speak of kitsch, they swim in it up to their necks!` Website