An inside story of how Hawking’s final cosmology came to be

How did the universe begin? How did it evolve? Is there only one universe or are there many? What was Stephen Hawking’s quantum theory of the origin of the universe?

This is Thomas Hertog description of this evening that will blow your mind:

Stephen Hawking once said “My goal is simple: It is a complete understanding of the universe.” I have been fortunate to collaborate with Hawking to work towards this goal.

Our search for a deeper understanding led us to study the physical nature of the big bang, since this profoundly impacts how cosmological history unfolds and why our universe is the way it is.

In the 1980s Hawking had put forward an elegant mathematical model of the big bang based on quantum theory. We realised this model does not describe a single universe but many universes – a multiverse.

The multiverse challenges science as we know it, and Hawking wasn’t pleased. Thus we set out to weave the multiverse into a proper scientific model that is testable within our own universe.

Universe or Multiverse? An inside story of how Hawking’s final cosmology came to be.

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Doors open at 19:30. No registration is necessary. Event held in English.