Hi, space enthusiasts!

Our 12th edition is around the corner

About half of the stars in our Galaxy have companions that can strongly affect their evolution. A rich zoo of objects emerges from interactions in binary systems, including supernovae and gravitational wave sources and some less energetic outcome like chemically peculiar stars and gorgeous planetary nebulae. But, you know, science is all about trying to understand new things… And the details of this interaction are still unknown and the observed properties of all these binary interaction products cannot be accounted for by models! What’s for sure, it’s that a better understanding of these objects will improve our knowledge of binary interaction physics.

Throughout her talk, Ana Escorza will take you on a journey through the universe to understand how those stars dance together!

After that, filled with spacy thoughts, our illustrator of the evening will invite you in his universe with a bunch of space pictures and drawings live projected. Watch, have a chat with your neighbour or with Ana and enjoy the rest of your evening with us!

Bring your pal, park your spaceship and join us in the beautiful Le Flow bar for this nice and cozy cosmic evening.

Talk Cosmic to Me is an itinerant and bimonthly space café. While showing you cosmic pictures, an intergalactic speaker talks about space for 30 min. You don’t know a thing about that, or not so much, or a little bit though? No worries, you just have to be curious. After that, an out-of-this-world illustrator will share his world with you in a live drawings session on the evening thematic.

? Schedule ?
19h30 – We start the engine
20h00 – We explore the universe with Ana Escorza
20h30 – We land but the journey continues with questions and deep conversations about tango, stars and galaxies… All that supported by a drawing session live projected to stay in the space vibe.