Hi space-friend !

Our 10th edition is on track and scheduled for the 19th of December.Could you slide into a wormhole and have a look in the past to see how they came up with this silly idea of a “Bûche de Noël” as a Christmas dessert? Could you enter in a strange blue box and go in the future to watch the end of the universe (don’t worry, it’s bigger on the inside)? What are the laws of time travel? And what if you meet yourself? Does the universe, then, blow up and become a unicorn in a field of Christmas cakes?

In order to add meaning to our silly questions, we invited Wout Merbis! He is a doctor in theoretical physics at ULB, so he might be well placed to talk about the science of time.

After that, we will surely need to sit down, discuss and have a drink with our neighbours. For that second part of the evening, we invited Clara Lejeune, an imaginative illustrator who will share her universe and other digressions on time travel.